Early of the year, my sister and I took a quick getaway to Singapore over the long weekend of Thaip...

Aeroline Business Class Coach To Singapore

Wednesday, March 20, 2013 Allison 7 Comments

Early of the year, my sister and I took a quick getaway to Singapore over the long weekend of Thaipusam. Since it was a peak weekend, all flights flying out from KL was quite expensive. Hence, we decided to travel by coach for RM190 per pax on return ticket. It was quite easy for us to get to One Utama Coach Terminal which we could parked out car there for merely RM1 per day. It was a slightly over 5 hours journey for us but it was comfortable with subway breakfast served on board as we departed One Utama at 8am. The entertainment console provided us means to kill some time but I was mainly catching up with my TV shows using my Asus Zenbook Prime. Thanks to plug point available at all seats I'd managed to charge all my power hungry devices with ease. However, I do miss the free WIFI available on Odyssey Coach as compared to Aeroline (My previous entry on Odyssey Coach: here).  

Good things that I like about traveling by Aeroline Coach:
1. Complimentary food and mineral water (and food is good most of the time)
2. Plug point access for electronic devices
3. Business class seats
4. Easy access from Bandar Utama and Harbour Front Centre

Thing that I don't quite like about traveling by Aeroline Coach:
1. Longer travel hours if caught in traffic jam (It took almost 7 hours for us to get back to Bandar Utama when we left Singapore on the last day of holidays)
2. Long queue at Malaysian check point (Seriously Malaysia when are you going to learn from Singapore?!)
3. No WIFI available (unlike Odyssey Coach)

Well taking a coach down to Singapore is always another option when the air tickets are too expensive and the high speed rail is nowhere near to be found. I still dream of the day where I could travel between these two cities from point to point in less than one hour, just like what I'd been doing when I was in China traveling back and forth between Tianjin and Beijing almost every weekend. So hopefully the high speed rail will take off soon enough... 
The coach/bus
Inside the coach
Inside the coach

Individual entertainment unit
Movie/Music/Photo/Game to choose from
Subway breakfast
The Chicken Rice Shop's chicken rice for lunch

For more information: https://www.aeroline.com.my/index.html
Official Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Aeroline/

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  1. Quite some experience there....I couldn't remember the last I took a long distance bus. I have no idea buses also provide Wifi..

  2. Yes there are business class coaches that provide free WIFI onboard... not too bad to kill time when traveling...

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  4. Nice explanation about this topic and i am new guy to this job so this information is really great for me.

  5. You mean Plug point access for electronic devices?

  6. Yes it has electrical plug point for every seats

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