Paris 102 - Wepler Brasserie @ Montmartre

We wandered around hotel and stumbled upon Wepler Brasserie at Montmartre/Place de Clichy. We could...

We wandered around hotel and stumbled upon Wepler Brasserie at Montmartre/Place de Clichy. We couldn't decide on a place and this restaurant seemed nice and proper so we just went in for our 1st dinner in Paris. The waiters in there were mostly older gentlemen and they took a while to discuss on who to should serve us since we were the very few English speakers in the restaurant. Then, a younger waiter came along and gave us an English menu. 
We decided to take the 2-courses set dinner menu for €25.50 each with a starter and a main. We picked the pretty standard items on the menu with French Onion Soup and Fresh Oyster to start, followed by grilled salmon and beef fillet for our mains. The food was good and we enjoyed it, especially it was our first time having the original french fries in France. The French love their french fries so much that we had it almost every meals in Paris. The french fries here are so good I totally understand why they have it with almost everything here! I only wish we could get good quality potatoes here in Malaysia...  
Overall, it was a good casual dining place near Montmartre/Place de Clichy for some standard traditional house dishes.
Fresh Oysters to start

French Onions Soup

Complimentary Breads

Grilled Salmon with vegetables

Beef Fillet with my very first taste of original French Fries in France!

Wepler Brasserie @ Montmartre

Official Website:
Address: 14 Place de Clichy, 75018 Paris, France 
Tel: +33 1 45 22 53 24

Food For Thought 245 - Aliyaa Island Restaurant & Bar

Aliyaa Island Restaurant & Bar is now my new favourite restaurant with their very delicious Sri...

Aliyaa Island Restaurant & Bar is now my new favourite restaurant with their very delicious Sri Lankan cuisine. I haven't try any Sri Lankan food before until I went to Aliyaa. It has been around for many years now and I know exactly why it is still around because the food here is very good. 
So Big Teddy and I decided to try this restaurant on a date night last month, and ordered quite a variety of food to try. I took the girls back there again last weekend, and continue feasting on a few different items on the menu. Overall, I love their Colombo style Sri Lankan Crab the most (size vary for crabs and price from RM15.90/100 gram). The 1st time I tried I was extremely spicy and I absolutely love it, but the 2nd time we went it wasn't that spicy and I wished that they could have keep the level of spiciness consistent. The gravy from the crab was perfect for the String Hopper Kothu (fried rice noodle), my 2nd favourite dish there. We tried the Jaffna style Sri Lankan Crab too and it was good with the thick curry sauce, more aromatic and less spicy. I'd also recommend the papadum and sambal set, with the 4 different sambal, Katta sambol (spicy red chili), Seeni sambol (sweet onion), Pol sambol (coconut) and Karupillay sambol (curry leaf pesto).Although the Mutton Poriyal was a bit dry and the fish curry had quite strong fishy taste that might not for everyone, but generally the food I tried here was hearty and delicious, filled with lots of herbs and spices. You must also try the sweet appam for dessert, it was so good that no matter how full you are, you will still find room for this sweet but light dessert. 
Some people said the Sri Lankan food is just like Indian food but I think I much prefer Sri Lankan food than Indian Food... at least for now...

Sri Lankan Crab Colombo Style (RM128++)
Sri Lankan Crab Jaffna Style (RM150++)
Papadum (RM5++) and Sambal Set (RM12++)
Cutlets Mix Platter (RM20++)
Fish Curry (RM34++)
String Hopper Kothu (RM26++)
Mutton Poriyal (RM32++)
Sweet Appam (RM6++)

Inside the restaurant

Aliyaa from the outside

Address: Jalan Medan Setia 2, Bukit Damansara, 50490 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 
Tel: +60 3-2092 5378 
Business Hours: 13pm-3pm; 6pm-11pm daily

Paris 101 - Hotel ibis Paris Montmartre 18ème

After a pleasant Eurostar train journey from London to Paris, my sister and I checked into Hotel ib...

After a pleasant Eurostar train journey from London to Paris, my sister and I checked into Hotel ibis Paris Montmartre 18ème, which we paid EUR524 for 4 nights stay (EUR131 per night) located in the bustling Montmartre area. Since we didn't really spend much time in the hotel anyway during our very 1st visit to this beautiful city, ibis hotel had satisfied our needs for a clean and functional budget hotel in a fairly good location at the foot of the Sacré Coeur. This hotel offers 326 air-conditioned rooms with free Wi-Fi, a bar and  24-hr snack service, which are basically fuss free. A metro station, Place de Clichy is less than 5 minutes walk from the hotel which was very convenient and easy to go right down town. We took the metro straight to Arch de Triumph and walked all the way to Eiffel Tower and then to Louvre and back to the hotel. Moreover, there are quite a lot of restaurants, fast food joint, convenient stores around the hotel hence I'd recommend this hotel for those who want a convenient location without breaking the bank.
Do note that the neighbourhood might be a little rough with Moulin Rouge and the red light district, Pigalle just around the corner. After hearing so much of horror tourist stories in Paris (pickpockets, robbery, scams etc), we were extremely alert when we were walking around. I did noticed some hoodie men were watching and tried walking very close to us, but when I made eye contacts to show them that I'd noticed them, they would just walked away. We did walk most of our time in Paris, including the 20 minutes walk to and fro Galerie Lafayette with our newly purchased LV and Cartier, and made it back to the hotel safely during the day.
So overall, apart from the constant high alert mode when we were out strolling which was a little tiring, we did enjoy our stay in Paris without any hiccups/disasters. However, I think I much prefer London as I felt London is a safer city than Paris, also probably the language barrier in Paris partially impaired my fondness over this city of love. What about another visit to Paris in the future? Definitely! Since I'd seen the city once and would be able to better adjust my expectations next time around... Oh did I forget to mention that the luxury shopping in Paris was the highlight of our trip? ;-)
Our 2 single beds for the next 4 nights

Pretty standard ibis layout

Our standing shower

The small but functional bathroom

The hotel is right next to Mercure... Maybe I'll upgrade next trip

Address: 5 Rue Caulaincourt, 75018 Paris, France 
Tel: +33 1 55 30 18 18

Food For Thought 244 - BLVD House @ Naza Tower KLCC

BLVD House is a new fancy casual dining restaurant at the spanking new Naza Tower at Persiaran KLCC...

BLVD House is a new fancy casual dining restaurant at the spanking new Naza Tower at Persiaran KLCC. We went there for lunch last Friday to celebrate Mina's birthday with the girls from the office. 

BLVD House

Set Lunch Menu

Inside the restaurant

The Bar
They had set lunch going for RM48++ which all of us ordered, plus a Bean-Can Roasted Free-Range Chicken (RM60++) to share among the 6 of us. The service was subpar even the place was pretty empty during the fasting month, we had difficulty to get the attention of the waitress to get us some sharing plates, serviettes etc. They didn't even gave us the proper soup spoon for those who ordered soup. I went with the Classic French Onion Soup and Carbonara Fettucine Ebiko for my set lunch. I found the soup was too salty and watery to my taste (best french onion soup in my opinion is still Dave's at 1 Utama), but the carbonara fettucine was alright (though some of the girls though the pasta was too sweet and not entirely true carbonara). They had eboki fish roe and mushroom running through the pasta which was different from the usual. The Bean-Can Roasted Free-Range Chicken was a fancy display of food presentation, I thought the taste was good, but the portion was quite small for the price charged. Also, they charged us RM5++ for a bottle of filtered water which usually other restaurant would give for free, quite puzzling isn't it?
Overall, the ambiance of the restaurant was good, but service and food were some hits and misses, probably due to the fact that it was relatively new in business (opened since March 2016). They should really sort out those teething issues soon and hopefully the next time when I return it will be a far more satisfactory dining experience...

The filtered water that they charged RM5++ for

BVLD House Salad

Classic French Onion Soup

Bean-Can Roasted Free-Range Chicken

Final presentation of the Bean-Can Roasted Free-Range Chicken

Vietnamese Southern Pho

Carbonara Fettucine Ebiko

Official Website:
Address: Ground Floor, Naza Tower, Platinum Park, Persiaran KLCC, 50088 Kuala Lumpur
Tel:  +603 2630 9999 
Business Hours: 12pm-1am (Sunday - Thursday); 12pm - 1am (Friday-Saturday)

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Food For Thought 243 - Fuego Grill & Bar @ Troika Sky Dining

This year we went to Fuego Grill & Bar for my early birthday dinner. This place is located at t...

This year we went to Fuego Grill & Bar for my early birthday dinner. This place is located at the same floor of the rest of the Troika Sky Dining restaurant, i.e. Cantaloupe and Strato. Fuego is a South American restaurant in alfresco dining setting. It was a little warm to be seated outside in KL's weather, but the amazing KLCC skyline as the backdrop is more than make up for it. 
We earlier booked a table at 7pm and was told that we needed to vacate the table at 8.30pm for the 2nd seating. I was a little annoyed as they didn't even make exception for my birthday celebration. Anyway, it was just the 2 of us so we just went with it as we both haven't try this restaurant yet.

The best view of KL
The food was quite good which I was happy about. I loved their spicy guacamole (RM25++), Beef Ribs for sharing (RM125++) and their dessert Magnum Ivano (RM35++) the most. The other dishes like the Jalapeno, elote/ corn on cob, berry pavlova, hashbrown and grill watermelon were okay too. I had better grill watermelon at Bakar just saying. Also I felt that the Pinacolada for RM44+ was quite expensive for a standard cocktail. However, the tender and tasty beef ribs was well worth it for the price and the portion was very generous, so probably made up for the other cons. 
Overall, the food was good and the ambiance was well worth a visit (if you don't mind the alfresco dining setting because I know some of my friends won't even go to a non-air conditioned restaurant). In the end, we spent about RM440 for a dinner for 2 (with only 1 cocktail since Big Teddy wasn't drinking due to a bet with his mate, and also they did charge RM8++ for filtered water infused with some strawberry). Well I do think the biggest draw about this restaurant is the marvelous KLCC skyline as its backdrop. I will never get tired looking at KLCC and its surrounding buildings, especially at night...
Spicy guacamole (RM25++)
Jalapeno (RM25++)
Pinacolada (RM44++)
Grill watermelon (RM35++)
Elote/ corn on cob (RM25++)
Hashbrown (RM25++)
Beef Ribs (RM125++)
Berry Pavlova (RM35++)
Magnum Ivano (RM35++)
Don't you just love this view?
Address: Level 23a, Tower B, The Troika, 19 Persiaran KLCC, 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Business Hours: 6.30pm - 11pm daily  

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My Top 5 City Breaks Holiday + Win a Guided City-Walk App Worth US$4.99from GPSmyCity!

After so many years of travelling, these are my top picks for city breaks holiday based on my own t...

After so many years of travelling, these are my top picks for city breaks holiday based on my own travel experience. Still, I have a lot more new cities to explore and perhaps my list will change in the future… Plus, a chance to win a great offline Guided City-Walk App Worth US$4.99 from GPSmyCity as the end of this post!

No. 5: Hong Kong
Hong Kong is so unique because of its intertwined history with the Chinese and the British. I love the fact that the city still maintain many of its old ways of doing things, the Ding Ding Tram system is the best example. Despite being the one of the most populated cities in the world, one can still find serenity in Hong Kong many suburbs islands, such as Lantau Island.
My favourite sites of Hong Kong: The Victoria Peak, The Victoria Harbour, and the Lantau Island.

Hong Kong Night View from The Victoria Peak
Hong Kong Night View from The Victoria Harbour
The hanging spiral joss sticks which can burn for weeks
1-Michelin Star Dim Sum from Tim Ho Wan
The famous Hong Kong Tram also know as Ding Ding

Cable Car to Lantau Island
The Big Buddha at Lantau Island
No. 4: Beijing
Since I lived in Tianjin for 2 years, Beijing was my every weekend getaway and playground since it was only 27 minutes away by bullet train. I love this city much more than Shanghai as I find Beijing offers a balance of history, culture and modernization for me to enjoy and explore. Plus I love the distinct four seasons weather here, if compared to the forever summer in Kuala Lumpur.
My favourite sites of Beijing: The Forbidden City, The Great Wall, and Sanlitun.

Tian An Men Square
Tian An Me
The Female Chinese Guardian Lion of the Forbidden City
Forbidden City from Jing Shan Park
The one and only Great Wall of China
No. 3: Bangkok
Bangkok is only 2 hours away by flight so I always love to pop by this energetic city at least once a year for shopping and Thai food (best shopping and food in South East Asia in my opinion). Furthermore, Bangkok's night life is so vibrant and fun and you will never get tired of partying away in whatever budget of your choice. It's definitely the most lively city in South East Asia.
My favourite sites of Bangkok: Sirocco at Lebua State Tower, Platinum Wholesale Shopping Mall, and Chatuchak Weekend Market.
Bangkok Night View from Sirocco
Sirocco at Lebua State Tower
(Do you remember it from Hangover Part 3?)

Bangkok Night View from Sirocco
Bangkok Downtown
The Grand Palace

My favourite Chatuchak Market

No. 2: Kyoto
My obsession with Japan is quite obvious as this is by far the best country in Asia to travel. Kyoto being the old capital of this country has the tranquility and zen feel all over the city and its famous temple sites. Kyoto is also famous for its Japanese fine dining too, being the birth place of Kaiseki cuisine (traditional multi courses Japanese dinner).
My favourite sites of Kyoto: Fushimi Inari-Taisha, Kiyomizu-dera, and Arashiyama

The beautiful Arashiyama Bamboo Forest
Fushimi Inari-Taisha
No. 1: London 
My top choice, London due to its abundance of history, culture and food. I could wandered all day in the city, getting lost among the many museums, UNESCO sites, pubs and restaurants. British’s heritage and culture are very entrench in Malaysia being a formal colony, hence my fascination on London is totally understandable.
My favourite sites of London: British Museum, London Eye, and River Thames Cruise.

Best city view from the top of London Eye
The one and only Big Ben
Iconic Tower Bridge

The lovely view from the Greenwich Park
Egyptian Mummies in British Museum
So now it’s your turn to tell me which are your favourite cities! Furthermore, in collaboration with GPSmyCity (more info here), I’m giving away 20 free promo codes (worth US$4.99) to download a self-guided city-walk app from GPSmyCity, which will help you to navigate your favourite cities even without any data/wifi connection. 

How to Win: Follow me on my Instagram (@allison_wongsw) and tell me which city is your favourite city breaks and your Instragram handle + iOS/Android preference here in the comment box. You can find the list of over 470 cities destinations available from GPSmyCity (iOS click here/ Android click here). The 20 lucky winners picked at random will receive one full-version city-walk app worth US$4.99 for a city of their choice—for FREE! 

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